Whilton Mill 2019 R9This week-end Alessandro Ceronetti and Fusion Motorsport will be competing at the Circuit of Whilton Mill for the last race of the BKC 2019. The challenge he is about to face is unlikely but still possible. The Stratford-upon-Avon boy has a huge task to achieve trying to clinch the British Championship  2019 title racing against 40 drivers.

“I am very determined to race, after a pretty good Club Meeting from last week on the same circuit. This is going to be a “Mission Impossible” because we have the duty to try to win the BKC 2019. It surely will be a tough task to try to deliver the best result for me and the team because the chances are realistically very minimal for us. It seems this was not our year again. This circuit is a low-medium speed track and a single mistake can only jeopardise the outcome of the whole race. I think it’s important to keep a positive attitude though and fight till the end and see where I end up finishing!“.

Weather forecast looks pretty changeable. Let’s see if Alessandro Ceronetti and Fusion Motorsport can bring the dream result home in the BKC 2019 at Whilton Mill!

Fusion Motorsport and Alessandro are all looking forward to this weekend and will be on track from Friday to Sunday. Pop round and say hi!

Stay tuned ! 🤙🤙🤙


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FRIDAY (27-September-2019)

Official Practice (13.00, 14.45, 16.30)


SATURDAY (28-September-2019)

Warm Up (09.00)

Timed Qualifying (10.00)

Heat 1,2,3 (11.30, 12.45, 14.00)

Final 1 (16.50)


SUNDAY (29-September-2019)

Warm Up (09.08)

Timed Qualifying (10.10)

Heat 1,2,3 (11.30, 12.45, 14.00)

Final 2 (17.05)