The first race of the 2019 Season took a start at PF International (UK). The result that we achieved in the final, does not reflect the pace that we have shown throughout the weekend.

On Friday we experienced some power issues that we managed to improve for Qualifying Practice on Saturday night. And we scored a respectable 4th place overall out of 42 drivers!

After another hard working night, the team managed to fix the power issues, ready for Sundays’ race. In both Qualifying Heats I started in P3 and finished P3 after leading a few laps and setting the fastest lap in Heat 1!

Following the consistent results from the Qualifying Heats, we started the Final in P4. After a good start I managed to jump in to P3 in the first corner. However I suddenly found myself off the racing line to avoid a near collision with the driver in front nearly losing the kart. This caused me to slip into P13. Without giving up, I managed to charge from P13 up to P6 again, right behind the top 5. With two laps to go, I placed myself in a good position to challenge for the race win. However the driver behind me thought it was a great idea to intentionally use my kart as a brake. He knocked me off the racing line and caused me to lose two places. Finishing in P8 on track, but P7 after penalties.

Looking at the amount of work and effort put from my team, this has been a very disappointing result, considering we had extremely competitive pace. Me and my team deserve more. Onwards and upwards! The future looks brighter and stronger for all of us!

A very special thanks to my BKC Racing Team Manager, Alex Ferris, and dad for the hard endless effort put on the spanners. At the end I think I had the best car balance and engine power to race on Sunday.

Next stop is not going to be a race but it will be at the “International Autosport Show” at the NEC, Birmingham (UK). The “SuperOne 2018 Trophies Presentation” is on this Saturday the 12th of January 2019.

Stay tuned! 🤙🤙🤙

Credits to Chris WALKER from